Chicago Luxury Lifestyle: The Final Frontier on Designing Your New Modern “Bathroom”

September 29th, 2018 by: relatedchicago



“Whenever you have the chance, go to the bathroom.” – King Henry V

While it may seem like the whole world subscribes to one open design plan after another, making us always accessible and always on display, what we are really looking for is a place to be good to ourselves, a place of complete and utter luxury and peace.

One could conclude that the new modern bathroom is actually the last frontier of privacy, the final bastion against the grind of our daily life. Too much? I don’t think so. Today’s bathroom begs to be an experience, somewhere between an incarnation of your every pleasure and desire, and your favorite yoga retreat. Ideally, it is a room not to be shared, and if it must be, then by no more than one other person. Ultimately, it should be a luxurious space all your own.


The trend of making the bathroom part of your living space rather than a purely functional room is similar to the evolution that kitchens went through over the last fifteen to twenty years. The bathrooms of yesteryear were normally tight, fit with a commode and two matching sinks, side-by-side, a few matching hand towels – in and out. This is all a thing of the past. The latest trends for bathrooms are all about where high-tech meets low maintenance, meets wellness – meets feel good.

So with that, here are five trends to consider when building your own private sanctuary – yeah the word bathroom doesn’t really suffice anymore.


Taking a cue from the Romans, yes the Roman Romans, what homeowners really want from their bathroom these days is pretty simple. They aren’t looking for a utilitarian exercise; they want all the pleasure and wellness found at their favorite world-class spa. That’s all. People might go to a spa once a month or when they’re on vacation, but think about building your individual health and wellness routine into your bathroom design for everyday benefits. Consider the most basic of things – like water. Up to this point bathroom water has been a means to get clean; wash the day and dirt away. But the effects of water on the skin, its untapped benefits for metabolism and the immune system are endless. Consider installing a system with Vitamin D infused water and a horizontal shower which uses the power of water for total relaxation, washing away your everyday stress.


Exercise your very best morning routine with a his-and-her master en suite. The concept of building separate spaces for a couple is nothing new; originally it was born of necessity, fueled by couples having to get ready for work at the same time not wanting to trip over each other, perhaps aiming to keep up some mystique or simply seeking out tranquillity, a respite, yes from even those you love the most. But now, with master bathrooms going the way of the private home spa, its the scale that has changed. Splurge on creating a space where you can spend time alone if you want, soaking in a tub along with some spa amenities like that horizontal rain shower or a nap on your fainting couch. It can not only be your place to get away from it all, but your place of wellness. A haven where you, a party of one, will emerge feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. This is truly one of life’s great luxuries.


When it comes to showers, it is all about features, more and more features. Luxury showers these days are being designed more as a wet room and most always include a steam and or sauna chamber. Consider adding preheated tiles or a shower head that gives you all the water experiences you can possibly think up blasting water that feels gentle like a misty rain or hard like a monsoon. You can add mood lighting and music. Further your spa-like-vibe by adding voice control so you can select your favorite music while chilling out in a steam – exerting as little effort as humanly possible. Fiddling around with the shower knobs can also be a thing of the past too. Try voice controlled shower controls or LED lights that change color as the temperature adjusts so that you are always aware of whether the water is hot or cold. This can be an especially handy feature on a chilly morning, of course. And, for all you music lovers who appreciate being able to listen to or make music in the shower, add built in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy belting out a tune, listening to podcasts, music, news or whatever takes your fancy while you go about your morning routine; it is all at your fingertips.


The highest form of bathroom luxury is to be able to devote an entire room to your bath. Perhaps you are a large marble tub in the middle-of-the-room person, or maybe you prefer more of a mini lap pool. Regardless, the modern era has seen a remarkable plethora of bathtub options, everything from Japanese wood to modern glass; there is something for whatever fits your fancy. For many of us, our bathrooms are also spillover rooms where, whether we like it or not, we plan the mundane details of the day. It’s the what-are-you-doing-after-work and can-you-go-to-the store conversations. If life does seep into your bath time, the style of tub can be very important. Add seating areas so that one person can be in the tub while the other tells you about their day – and it’s all good. Don’t feel guilty. In medieval times, people stayed in the baths all day sometimes, soaking while eating and watching some jousting. Sounds good to me.


The Evil Queen of Snow White fame, is so vain that she doesn’t just stare at herself in the mirror all day, she expects to get her mirror to tell her who she needs to kill. Yikes. So, while, the new smart mirrors of today aren’t going to do that for you, they can do way more than just show off your reflection and store your aspirin. As space is often at a premium and mirrored cabinets normally do need to offer some practical storage, current new smart technology can be activated for a little ease. Adding sensor lighting makes it bright enough to apply makeup during the day, and discreet enough to act as a nightlight in the evening, all with a wave of the hand. Before we know it, mirrors will be programed to offer up everything from personalized beauty and wellness input, to onscreen news, weather and alerts as part of your morning routine.

Now tell me, who’s the fairest of them all?

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