The Top 5 Places for Coffee In The Loop

May 10th, 2018 by: relatedchicago

A great cup of coffee in the morning can change the trajectory of your entire day. Chicago is home to many coffee roasters that range from small to national operations, so you’re guaranteed to find some really great coffee here. Some of the best coffee shops in the city are located downtown in the Loop. They range from super busy, churning out cup after cup of brew; others are quiet and make for a great place to catch up on some work. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, check out these amazing coffee shops in the Loop:

Hero Coffee Bar

Hero Coffee Bar in Printer’s Row in the Loop is an amazing coffee shop. They have their own roasts that make for excellent pour-overs or drip coffee. They also serve bold espresso drinks that will put a skip in your step. In addition to their array of coffees, Hero features a wonderful and diverse sandwich menu, and their bagel breakfast sandwiches are a favorite. Although this coffee shop is on a busy street, it feels like a neighborhood spot once you set foot inside.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters features award winning coffee and a talented team of baristas that will serve you top-tier coffee right in the heart of the Loop. The coffee-making techniques are so precise your order will always taste perfect. Part art and part science, Intelligentsia has perfected the cup of coffee and their espresso drinks come highly recommended. This is a busier coffee shop and it is very lively inside, though given its prime location you may want to take your cup of coffee to go and enjoy it in Millennium Park.

Dollop Coffee Co.

With roots in the Uptown neighborhood, Dollop now has a number of locations around Chicago and is perfect any time of day. This cute coffee shop serves Metropolis coffee and has a number of specialty drinks worth trying—the Nutella Mocha is to die for. This shop serves sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch, and even been after dinner!

Mojo Coffee

Mojo Coffee comes to Chicago by way of New Zealand and this clearly-designed coffee shop is the first U.S. location. Mojo is one of New Zealand’s most successful independent coffee roasters and they’re serving you their coffee culture one cup at a time. In addition to some solid coffee, they also serve food items centered around fresh produce. They sell their beans so you can savor one of their single origin coffees at home. It’s not every day that you get to try coffee sourced all the way from New Zealand—come on in and take a sip!

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Located in the newly-renovated Chicago Athletic Club building, this small cafe space serves coffee roasted both locally and from around the country. They serve local brews such as Metropolis and Dark Matter, as well as Stumptown from Portland and Colectivo from Milwaukee. If you’re serious about coffee and don’t plan to sleep anytime soon, try a coffee flight. You’ll enjoy a great sampling of coffees roasted here in Chicago and around the U.S. Like Intelligentsia, this cafe is Millennium Park adjacent. Feel free to grab a cup and go and enjoy some sun in the park.

Chicago is home to countless coffee shops, each with its own vibe. Drop in to these coffee shops in the Loop and find the roast that’s perfect for you. Several of these trendy shops have multiple locations, so don’t be surprised if you see them in other neighborhoods around the city!

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