5 Ways to Add Luxury to your Home

November 14th, 2014 by: relatedchicago

luxury-chicago-real-estateIf you live in Chicago and are looking for Chicago real estate including Chicago condos, you’ll likely want to implement a few solutions to make your new home as attractive and comfortable as possible. You can add luxury to your home without spending thousands of dollars or hiring outside help.

If you’d like to replicate the feel of a luxury hotel in your home, you’ll need a stylish bedroom. Your bed should be the room’s centerpiece. Implement matching sheets, pillows and curtains to create a unified theme. Be sure to include a number of plump down style pillows to create a luxurious feel. Opt for Egyptian cotton sheets along with a down comforter. Beyond the bed, consider adding an armoire for your clothes and possibly even an inside cabinet to hold a TV.

Your bathroom will be easy to spruce up for a luxurious feel. A small adjustment that you can make to a simple bathroom is the implementation of a new, more powerful shower head. It’ll improver your showering experience more than you might imagine. Fill your shower with lavish soaps and scents. Add a new shower curtain, scented candles and some extra soft towels. If you can afford it, consider installing large mirrors and deep sinks.

Modify your home’s entryway with a simple table. Choose a nice wood, marble or lacquer table that will function as your entryway’s starting point. If you have a rather small entryway, consider putting a large circular table in the center of the room that it leads into. Place a nice lamp on the table along with a flower arrangement, a few books and a possibly a bowl for odds and ends. If you decide to put your table near one of the  room’s walls, put a piece of art or a mirror above it for an extra bit of flare. It’ll create the lavish aesthetic that you and your guests can enjoy.

If you need any assistance finding the right home for you and your family, reach out to a Chicago realtor today.

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