5 Things To Look For In A Chicago Condo

February 6th, 2015 by: relatedchicago

chicago-condo-tipsChicago real estate is full of a wide array of interesting properties that reflect the diverse communities the city has to offer. It is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own special brand of flavor and culture to fit any taste. With such an eclectic selection to choose from, looking for just the right condo to call home can seem overwhelming.

Here are our top 5 things to look for when choosing your new condo:

  1. Neighborhood. Before you even get going, you want to really study the city and decide which neighborhoods you would feel most at home in. This choice might be based on proximity to work or the demographics of the area.
  2. Parking. As with most cities, parking can be a huge issue. Even if you don’t drive, it still might be problematic for guests that come visit and should be something you consider before purchasing.
  3. Transit. One big perk to Chicago is the transit system. Even if you don’t currently use it, you might find a local el or bus is a much better way to get across the city at rush hour.
  4. Building Maintenance/Homeowner’s Associations. Many condos have Homeowner’s Associations, so you’ll want to really pay attention to their rules and regulations before committing to a purchase. You also want to pay special attention to the maintenance in the common areas of the building.
  5. School and Park Districts. While buyers who don’t have children often pay little attention to the school district, it’s something to consider when purchasing because it will have a direct effect on the resale value of the property. Park districts are also important, especially if you want to join in local events and participate in activities.

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