The Biggest Mistake Sellers Make at a Showing

September 5th, 2014 by: relatedchicago

Anyone who is selling a home wants to make the best first impression with prospective buyers at a showing. Obvious ways to put a home’s best foot forward are to have it clean, well-lit, and free of major distractions like pets or awkward personal items. But one of the biggest mistake sellers can make as they prepare for a showing is simply being in the home.

When a prospective buyer takes the time to schedule a showing, it demonstrates genuine interest in the home. But when the seller is present at the showing, it can deter the buyer from moving forward and seriously considering the home for purchase. Here’s why:

  • It can cut the showing short. When entering a home with their real estate agent, buyers want to feel at ease to look around, open closets and enter rooms. If the seller is present, buyers often feel as though they are intruding and won’t stay as long. The length of time a buyer spends at a showing directly correlates to their level of interest – and if the buyer leaves early, they won’t have an opportunity to fall in love with the home.
  • It hinders the conversation. Many sellers believe the buyer’s agent won’t be able to answer all the questions about the home that could come up during a showing. But many buyers are uncomfortable asking questions of the homeowner, worried that they will offend them with any potentially negative concerns. This results in the buyer having less information about the home, which could reduce the likelihood of a sale.
  • Nobody likes surprises: If an appointment has been made, and the seller informs the buyer’s agent they will not be present at that time, it creates a certain expectation of privacy for the buyer at the showing. When sellers stay home despite the arrangement, or come home unexpectedly during the showing, it can send a negative message to the buyer and disrupt the tour.

Of course, whether you’re putting your home on the market or buying a home in Chicago, one of the most important things you should do is enlist the help of an experienced Chicago Realtor. Contact one of our Related Realty brokers today to get their expert take on the Chicago real estate market!

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